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MY FIRST GUEST POST!!! 8 Crystals That Can Boost Your Everyday Wellness by the Family Warlock, Steve Seinberg

I am excited to introduce you to my brother Steve Seinberg! Not only is he a Reiki Master, he’s an Intuitive Counselor who works with Astrology, Tarot, Runes, and Crystals. I am always collecting stones and stowing them away around the house with plants, found objects installations from long walks, and on the alter where I have my sporadic meditation practice along with some spotty (but pretty damn good) tarot readings. I thought it might be nice for Steve to share with us some specifics about everyday stone that can support our holistic wellness. Plus, I like pretty things so LET’S DO THIS… Here’s the Seinberg Clan Mystery Man…

This clear quartz lives happily in an ivy.

For the first 90% of my life, I didn’t have any special regard for crystals.  My brother, Mike, has been a jewelry-maker since his teens, so I did actually gain some surface familiarity with various stones during my childhood…but aside from thinking that the colorful specimens in Mike’s workshop were a bit more attractive than the rocks you’d find in our neighbor’s gravel driveway, I never really gave them any additional thought…

But fast-forward about 30 years, and follow me to Los Angeles, and you’ll see that I’ve enjoyed an exponential flare-up in my appreciation for all things crystalline.  When my other sibling – your resident Holistic Health Coach, Sara Seinberg – asked me if I’d be interested in penning a guest column for her blog that would focus on crystals, I was pecking away at this piece before she’d even finished tacking the question mark onto the end of her query.  Here, then, as requested, are eight crystals – all readily available and relatively affordable – that would make a sensational set of stones for use in boosting your everyday feelings of general wellness:

1)     Clear Quartz.  Probably the single most versatile crystal on the planet, this is an especially outstanding starter stone for newcomers who are looking to make their first forays into the world of crystals.  Clear Quartz can be used for a whole galaxy of purposes: healing, protection, meditation, energy work…  A terrific team player, Clear Quartz can be used to enhance the abilities of virtually any other stones when used in tandem with them.  It’s also exceptionally responsive for people who like to mentally “program” their crystals to perform specific tasks.

Amethyst is one of my favorites for tarot and also reminds me of all my Aquarian friends whenever I’m around it.

2)     Amethyst.  This popular purple stone is another one that can be used in a multitude of ways. Resonating with the Crown Chakra, Amethyst can facilitate the development of psychic perceptions and experiences, it boosts intuition, and it can amplify your connection with the more spiritual planes of existence.  Placing a piece under your pillow can help in the fight against insomnia, and my own personal experience has also shown repeatedly that this piece-under-the-pillow technique can turbo-charge your dream activity!  You can even cleanse other crystals by placing them overnight on an Amethyst cluster.

3)     Lepidolite.  Soothing, lilac-colored Lepidolite contains traces of lithium, and is often referred to as the “Peace Stone.”  Crystal enthusiasts have consistently found Lepidolite to be a very effective counter-measure against such damaging, serenity-defying conditions as stress, anxiety, phobia, depression, addiction, and obsession.  Keeping Lepidolite in your pocket or wearing some in jewelry form can greatly bolster your overall feelings of tranquility.

4)     Black Tourmaline.  This is the metaphysical world’s go-to stone when addressing issues revolving around a need for protection.  If you feel that you attract inordinate amounts of “bad luck,” or too much attention from energy-vampire types, or that you’re often the target of consistently negative emotions from others, or even outright psychic attacks, then this might be the next crystal that you should consider trying out.  Black Tourmaline is also a fine stone for grounding: if you have trouble keeping yourself in the here and now, then weighty Black Tourmaline may just be the anchor that you need.

Hello My Pretties: Lepidolite and Sodalite.

5)     Ruby.  Its deep, sultry red hues suggest the very things that the Ruby can stimulate within us: vitality, life-force, creativity, passion, leadership, and even sexual energy.  When your strength and zest for life have been depleted, Ruby is an especially great stone to look to for a recharge.  Carrying a piece with you can help during such phases, and keeping a Ruby against your skin should have even greater positive effect.  Rubies are also believed to attract both love and prosperity.

6)     Lapis Lazuli.  Rich, dazzling blue in color, Lapis Lazuli has been seducing humankind with its smoldering good looks since Neolithic times in early Mesopotamia.  A stone of personal power, Lapis Lazuli is an excellent crystal for use in today’s modern society, as it can greatly augment the communication function, enabling its users to express themselves more clearly, to process incoming data from others more accurately and efficiently, and maybe most importantly, to speak their truth without self-censoring it, questioning it, or candy-coating it.

7)     Sodalite.  Vaguely similar in appearance to Lapis Lazuli, the milder Sodalite is a terrific crystal to keep handy in the workplace.  Not only can it amp up your willpower, concentration, and problem-solving efforts, but Sodalite is prized for its ability to soak up the electromagnetic output generated by our computer and communications technologies.  The medical profession as a whole hasn’t exactly united in condemning the “EM smog” created by our beloved gadgets and gizmos as truly damaging, but if you’re one of those people who feels an undeniable sensitivity to such emissions, you might want to experiment with a piece or two of Sodalite placed at your workstation or carried around with you.

8)     Moss Agate.  Lush, dark green, with flecks and veins of white, Moss Agate retains an extremely close bond with the Earth.  This is a fantastic stone for encouraging fertility of all kinds.  Moss Agate is believed to aid with fortifying good health, and it’s also considered to be a magnet for abundance.   And possibly of greatest importance, Moss Agate is believed by many crystal aficionados to be capable of helping plants to grow.  If you enjoy an environment filled with greenery, you can try placing pieces of Moss Agate into the pots and beds of your favorite plants – you may well be met with a surge of new fruits and foliage!

There are obviously many more types of crystals out there for you to explore, and not all people will get the same results from a given variety of stone, either…but this list should represent a very solid selection of crystals that can really reinforce your feelings of everyday wellness…


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