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The Lucky Devil Summer Cleanse

This seasonal event begins July 19th and runs through August 9th.

You can sign up here!!!

The garden is starting to explode, the farmers’ markets are singing their siren songs and each weekend brings a new BBQ to enjoy. It’s SUMMER, it’s gorgeous, and frankly, so are YOU. So, are you ready to put all that beautiful Summer Produce to good use? Give your bod a break from the toxins in life and get yourself a clean slate? Take some time for yourself this summer and refocus on what you truly hunger for. Let’s uncover all the energy that’s been hiding under the breakneck pace of life that can sometimes short-circuit our nutrition choices. Seinberg Holistic Health Coaching is leading a 3 week cleanse program that draws from a variety of traditions: Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic, Vegan, and several other gems. Through experience and research I’ve culled a gentle program to support detoxing and rebooting without starving and suffering. This cleanse is not about what you can’t have, but what you GET TO have. Each morning will be greeted with a filling delicious smoothie and a warm beverage. Lunch will bring you a feast of clean eating, a fantastic meal packed with flavor, pleasure, nutrients and satisfaction. Evening arrives with a hearty soup or another smoothie if you like. Fresh juices can also be incorporated into the cleanse for those of you with juicers. Maybe this is just the thing that you need to get your juicing on, but to be clear, you can do this cleanse without the investment in a costly, if not AWESOME, juicer. We will also be keeping a log or a journal, looking at our skin as a major detox route, and incorporating quiet periods into our days, shutting down the white noise and chatter out for this sublime seasonal opportunity to get LIGHT. The theme of this season’s cleanse is LISTENING. Not only will we be clearing the deck for more energy, less bloat, a sharpened focus, and a more honest and accurate conversation with our bodies, we’ll make some conscious plans for our journies to come after we wrap up this fantastic cleanse. Together we will meet on the web and be in touch as a group. The sharing of experiences, recipes, ideas, struggles, and common crossroads will add to the whole experience of prioritizing your health for this season of abundance. The groups tend to be creative, HILARIOUS, and an incredible source of support where people form bonds and stay in touch for health goals long after cleanses come to an end. You do not have to purchase fancy equipment or hundreds of dollars worth of supplements. A blender will be needed. I got mine at an estate sale for like 12 bucks. The program incorporates a holistic approach to cleansing that is not just about whole food, but also about rest, time, sweat, creativity, joy, and quiet. If you are currently under the care of a physician, please talk to your doctor about doing any cleansing first, even a gentle cleanse like the Sweet Summer Cleanse. I am happy to consult with your health care practitioner as well. Join this seasonal kitchen adventure for $179 for a three week support system and experience plus a 30 minute private coaching call with me on the phone or on video chat. Registration ends the day of the cleanse, but it’s suggested to register one week before the clease begins so we can prepare our minds and bodies for this amazing experience. Also, last season this program sold out. I’ve found a way to expand a bit, but not much and spaces fill up.

Coach’s Seasonal Cleanse Prep Suggestions


Although I lead a cleanse every season, Spring is The Big Poppa of them all. You can join my Spring Fling ’13 here. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the season associated with the liver, one of our most heroic organs. The liver is the filter of the body, sifting all the toxins out and shuttling them to a swift trip out of our bodies.

Like any irrigation system, things build up, and the system can tire under strain. Ours is no different. This is the absolute best time to give your liver a standing ovation, a shout out, and a heartfelt thank-you note in the form of trying a cleanse. It works 24/7 to keep us as poison free as it can, no matter what manner of horrors we ask from it.
There are a billion different cleanses out there, from whole foods cleanses to elimination cleanses, to Master Cleanses, to juice regimens. Take some time to consider which cleanse offers you the best chance of serving your body well.
You may pick a cleanse in which all the meals are made and you don’t have to cook at all because the kids are home on Spring Break. Or maybe you got a new juicer and you want to try taking it for a serious spin with a 7-day juice detox. Or perhaps you’d like to build your cooking skills and overhaul your kitchen into a temple of health so a group with an online support element might be the best for you.
No matter what you choose, detoxing is no joke. Often the first days of a cleanse arrive with headaches, mood swings, fatigue, and fitful sleeps. As the body detoxes, some of those poisons get freed up from being trapped along our digestive tracts and they can be re-absorbed causing us to feel like we have a mild flu or a major bad mood. It will pass. I swear.
But before you even get to the first week, there are steps your can take to support your cleansing experience and help you ease into your Spring Cleanse with a sense of adventure and clarity.
1. Let people know your plan. 
Pick a few people around you who will be supportive of your plan for a Spring detox. Tell them know what your particular regimen entails, and how long the process will take. Let them know you’d appreciate their support as the first few days might not be so cute for you. For the ultimate in support, see if a friend would like to do the cleanse with you.
2. Clear out your schedule.
You’ve got your whole life to get freaky and party on down. Use this as an intentional time to prioritize your health. Block out the cleanse time on your calendar and keep your social plans as easy and laid back as possible. Go for walks with friends. Weekend matinees are great. Gentle exercise and museum meetings are perfect.
3. Prepare your kitchen. 
Look over your protocol and as the cleanse approaches, make your way through your everyday food so what remains in your kitchen are foods that make you feel strong and clean. Remind yourself that the foods you feel attached to are not going anywhere and when this cleanse comes to a close, you still have the choice to go and get them again. Although, magically, you may not want to.
4. Practice. 
If you’re doing a juice cleanse, start looking up juices on the internet and getting familiar with them. Get a feel for how much produce makes how much juice. See which herbs you like in your tonics and so on. If your cleanse is more on the whole foods tip, start dabbling is clean eating blogs and do some research on what kinds of cleanse foods might appeal to you. Begin practicing before the cleanse arrives so you have some established comfort with your new materials. It’s like Spring Training for baseball.
5. Ween off the heavy hitters.
If you are a coffee drinker, a sugar eater, a gluten eater, and/or a whiskey appreciator, you may want to begin to week yourself off these common ingredients that most cleanses abstain from. Going off coffee, sugar, gluten and booze is a lot for some people all overnight. Start drinking decaf or downgrade to green tea. Begin cooking with whole grains instead of serving dinner with bread. Just ease off things as your start date approaches.
Here I offer you one of my favorite cleanse tools. I like to prepare this broth and offer my body not just hydration in the days leading up to my cleanse, but also the rich potassium broth is a great source for electrolytes and building the blood up. I just tote it around in a quart sized mason jar and drink it like a tea.
The Cleansing Potassium Elixir

  • 3 T olive oil
  • 2 carrots, diced
  • 1 bunch dark leafy greens (chard, kale, collards)
  • 4 stalks celery, diced
  • 1 beet sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic, sliced
  • one knuckle ginger, sliced
  • 1 turnip, cubed
  • 1 onion, diced
  • ¼ stick of kombu
  • 6 cups filtered water
  • a tiny dash of sea salt
  • 1/4t black ground black pepper
Heat your olive oil in a heavy pot. Put in your onions, garlic, carrots and celery. Heat these for about 5 minutes. Cover with water and bring to a rolling boil. Add in your beet, turnip, kombu, greens, and ginger. Boil for about 3 minutes and then turn down to simmer for 1.5 hours. Strain out all the vegetables and set aside. Pour your broth into mason jars and add your tiny amount of salt and pepper to taste. You can puree the vegetables for a side dish or compost.
This article originally appeared on MindBodyGreen.

The Smoothie Chronicles: Chapter 1


I started making smoothies when I did my very first seasonal cleanse a few years back. At first I thought they would never keep me full until lunch and I panicked about not having enough food or enough chewing or blah blah blah. I guess Food Panic is a whole issue for a future post now that I’m typing. So for now, let’s just say I didn’t believe in these things. I didn’t like the idea of adding powders to things or feeling like I was going down the path a new bizarre disordered kind of eating that included cutting out BREAKFAST, the Holy Grail of meals. But I knew it was just for 3 weeks and I felt open to trying this detox so I just got on board. What the hell? I mean, I’ve done way crazier shit without a thought to my health at all, like for instance, doing crystal meth and not eating anything at all for like 3 days.

Who needs a smoothie now, Girl?

Anyhoots, turns out I loved them and even when I am between seasonal cleanses I make them all the damn time. It just kind of stuck with me. I have an old blender you can see here (along with the recipe for almond milk I use in all these little devils). While I tend to covet objects, I also find my Libra rising engenders a certain commitment to beauty far beyond functionality sometimes. In this case, it’s great because me and Ginger got this beautiful blender at an estate sale for next to nothing and the thing just doesn’t quit. It may not be the Vitamix or the Ninja we often dream of, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of such a pretty appliance that does it’s job just fine. All of this to say, you can be a smoothie enthusiast for much less than $600 in the equipment department. Also, in case you ARE looking to upgrade and are feeling shut down by sticker shock, fancy blenders and juicers are often things people re-sell on craigslist and ebay because they go through a phase and then say Fuck It, I’m Not A Smoothie/Juicing Person.

Over time, I’ve written a bunch of recipes for smoothies for my own cleanses that I do, but I’ve also just spent a bunch of time winging it. So I thought I’d collect some images with basic ingredients for you to toss together if you like. All the recipes I’ve made for the cleanses aren’t on here and often tend to greener, but not always. Anyhow, I hope these inspire and offer some good ideas for whatever you got going.

Cherry Cilantro Sunflower Dressing

photo (45)

Did I mention I am on a cleanse right now? Well, I am. Not only am I on the cleanse, I am leading the cleanse with 16 hilarious, devoted, disgruntled, creative and real people. Among our symptoms in the first 3 days are “screaming headaches”, stupifying fatigue (that’s my main one), intense cravings, crazy dreams and bouts of pointed rage. No one really feels too great yet. The first few days of a cleanse are kind of a shitshow. It’s like life, really: get through the shitshow to center stage, until inevitably, the tides turn again and then you gather your resources and sally forth.

The point is to give our bodies a break, let them reboot and do the real work of moving out all the toxins and stagnation to let new energy in. Once we spend a few short weeks slowing down, refocusing, and making choices based on what we’ve learned, our bottoming out doesn’t have to be as low after that. We being to crave healthy foods and activities. We have really great skin. We have way more energy. And we’re funnier. As if you thought that was even possible. Win/win/win.

As part of my intention setting, I’m in the process of kickstarting my novel again in preparation for some shows to promote the new Sister Spit Anthology, and also because I am going to finish the damn thing and publish it. The task of crawling back into the book is an emotional one, seeing what I left behind to languish and how coming back to it is also a reckoning with coming back to myself of that time. So here we are, and here we go. The Cleanse is a perfect time for this because I have a great deal of support from those people around me also doing it, PLUS, there is no way to lose when one engages a creative act. Even “failure” becomes its own reward, creating opportunity from nothing, an alchemy of art at each point of choice.

So as such, I eat an enormous salad every day. Bigger than my head. And these salads call for dressings. People: YOU NEVER HAVE TO BUY SALAD DRESSING AGAIN! I began my romance with homemade dressings from Alice Water’s The Art of Simple Food where she gives her basic vinaigrette recipe. Here it is.

Pour 1T Red wine vinegar into a small bowl. Add salt and freshly ground pepper. Stir to dissolve the salt, taste, and adjust if needed. Use a fork or small whisk to beat in a little at a time: 3 to 4 T extra virgin olive oil.

Variations: 1. Add a little pureed garlic or diced shallot or both to the vinegar. 2. White wine vinegar, sherry vinegar, or lemon juice can replace part or all of the red wine vinegar. 3. Beat in a little mustard before you start adding the oil. 4. For part of the olive oil, substitute a very fresh nut oil, such as walnut or hazelnut. 5. Heavy cream or crème fraiche can replace all or some of the olive oil except not on this cleanse! 6. Chop some fresh herbs and stir them into the finished vinaigrette.

I’ve made about a hundred variations since then and for real have not purchased one bottle of dressing since I read this. Not one. Shelf dressings are expensive and more often than not, packed with crap you don’t need. Also not nearly as tasty as your home efforts will be and they are so easy. Yesterday’s went like this:

8 pitted ripe cherries
4T olive oil
1T sunflower oil
2T red wine vinegar
1T balsamic
1t raw sunflower seeds
1 clove garlic
1/4 t crushed white peppercorn
1/4t ground cumin
small handful of fresh cilantro

Blend. Drizzle onto your salad and toss thoroughly.

New Smoothie!

photo (23)

Where the hell did I drop off to?!?! I’ll tell you what, sometimes life just treats you like a baby treats a diaper. That’s the thing, right? When things get scary and crazed, you really see what you’re made of. Turns out I can do ok and I can dust off my jeans with the best of em. Thanks for askin’ about me. And It was so sweet and inspiring to get all your letters about how you missed my posts! Y’all are real nice.

In the meantime, I designed The Spring Fling Cleanse and it is in full swing! All of the people are doing it one day at a time replete with detox headaches, trouble sleeping, and irritability at work! YAY, Cleansing! Week 1 is exactly as it should be. Our bodies must first bring the toxins out, exposing us to all manner of acute discomfort, and then Week 2 will set in with its vitality, focus, and total reset point of clarity and joy. And I’m not just saying “Joy” because I am a woodsy Goddessy Lez, although as soon as I can get to the woods, I am certainly not opposed to such an undertaking. I have the Lez part pretty worked out. I am saying joy because it is a word that truly captures the state that comes on. Happiness is more of an arch to me, a place to be, while Joy is a thing that feels singular, a momentary crux, an event. The cleansing process, for myself, resets my daily “me” to a more joyful default. Hold on, Week 2! We’re totally on our way.

Sans coffee, wheat, barley, spelt, soy, eggs, cream, milk, cheese, butter, refined sugar, peanuts, meat, fish, caffeine of all nature, artificial sweeteners, potatoes, eggplant, mayo, corn, peppers, yams, tomatoes, rye, yogurt, ice cream and BACON, people often think a cleanse is an undertaking of a kind of self-imposed prison, a culinary torture chamber of scarcity and denial. But here’s the thing: there’s still about 3,747,388,319,356 things to eat. The panic feels so much bigger than the REALITY of how endless the food supply is in the western world and how our creativity and adventurous spirit are just waiting to be engaged in our Primal Needscape. (I totally just made up that term. TM, girl.) When we utilize our creative impulse to feed ourselves, make shelter, court love and create ritual, those things are imbued with more meaning, fattening up our experiences with not just fuel for ourselves or a roof over our heads, but NOURISHMENT that is about a life story. #realtalk.

This morning I went out into the yard and picked some herbs and got freaky with the blender. Here’s the green drink in honor of Passover. May you all have peace and freedom, as until all people are free, we all remain ensnared.

2T chia seeds, ground and soaked
8 fresh mint leaves
8 fresh bergamot leaves
1c coconut water
1/2c homemade flax milk
10 chunks frozen pineapple
1T hemp hearts
1 scoop protein powder

Put it all in a blender and spin it round and round. Enjoy.



Cleanse Preview: Hearty Greens with Ginger and Sugar Snap Peas Over Soba

photo 3

I heard people using the word “juice”, as a VERB, for the first time many years ago:

Do you have any books on juicing?
Do you carry produce wash, because I am SERIOUSLY juicing this month. 
Juicing has really changed EVERYTHING for me. I love it!
Ever since I started juicing, my skin has cleared up and I have so much energy! 

Juicing, as an activity, is serious business in a food co-op. As I acclimated to this culture and language, other sorts of new things seeped in between my languid cigarette breaks on the loading dock where the pallets of hippie heaven arrived. Aside from juicing, a girl might find shoppers dangling crystal pendulums over the beets, using the citrine or amethyst to guide them to the deep red root of the perfect energy. I also found people pouring over alcohol extracted flower essences seeking a mellow support for everything from stress reduction to studied focus. And dodging and weaving between support animals and a new baby boom on my way back to my aisle to stock recycled toilet paper, sugar cane toilet paper, and unbleached toilet paper, I’d wind through the supplements section where workers and shoppers exchanged all manner of incredible knowledge about vitamins and herbs. The food co-op is part grocery, part hospital, part coven. And as time moved on, each one seemed a little more inviting to me. Mostly, the food as medicine part.

Just as juicing became a normal, if not still a little bit irritating, verb, so too, did the constant discussion of different cleanses: The Master Cleanse, The Quantum Wellness Cleanse, and The Colorado Cleanse. You could go Miami with The South Beach Cleanse, Vegan with The Crazy Sexy Cleanse, or follow various celebrity cleanses. There were Clean Starts and Reboots, and Fresh Seasons. I smoked through most of the talk for a long time.

40 years.
Seemed as good a time as any to finally sweep up the temple.

So I’ve done my cleansing, my research, and enjoyed several fresh starts of my own. I’ve made a good crop of mistakes to draw from, gathered an enormous amount of rejuvenation and health from the experiences and I’ve incorporated some things that feel important to me into the Spring Fling Cleanse. And while most cleanses are entirely about food, this one takes a big hunk from creativity, another from clarity, and still more from the quiet impulse. It’s Spring. There’s so much great stuff to be quiet about and honor. It’s better than the cigarettes were. And I loved cigarettes. The thing is, I was SO GOOD at smoking. I hate giving up something I’m good at. But, there it is. Gone.

Still, the kitchen is the core of the cleanse and the transformation. So I thought I’d share a recipe you can look forward to on our three week Spring Fling. I’ve mapped out a mellow cleanse with a calm pacing and amazing food.

Here, Look:


This recipe came from being out of everything and using only what I had on hand. This is where a stocked pantry and a garden in the yard really tend to work out. Plus I was really hungry so I wanted something filling and picked soba to lead my thought process. It’s made of buckwheat, gluten-free, and a satiating, warming base for a meal.

1/4 lb buckwheat soba
1 in knuckle grated ginger
1T brown mustard seed
1T cumin seed.
1T coconut oil
3 stalks dino kale
3 stalks red russian kale
3 stalks rainbow chard
Big handful of spicy mustard greens

Prepare your soba in water or vegetable broth. Careful not to over cook it. When it’s ready, drizzle it with a little sesame oil for great flavor and to keep it from getting sticky.

Toss the grated ginger, mustard seed and cumin seeds into a skillet with the coconut oil and sautee until the mustard seeds begin popping.

Grab all your greens and shred them cro-magnon style or cut them into thick ribbons with a knife. They go into the sautee and cook until they are brightly colored and slightly wilted.

Dice up some sugar snap peas and add them on top.

Variations: Add sesame seeds to the sprinkle on top. Add in some shiitake mushrooms. Add garlic into the sautee. You can season your soba with a 1/2 t rice vinegar. Sea vegetables would also be a great addition. Let your imagination in on this recipe. It’s so simple and satisfying and has lots of room for your signature and what your body might be asking for at lunch.

Shit Talking.

Water is your friend.

It’s week two of my cleanse and I feel pretty much invincible. My brain is sharper than usual, I have more energy and my digestion is so peak right now, I can’t believe this kind of thing is even possible.

Now, one thing that happens when you become a Health Coach is that you quickly acquire fluency in the language of gut health. You ask your clients a lot of personal questions. It also means a lot of talk about probiotics, a lot of talk about fiber, and a lot of Talking Shit. I’m not referring here to Rex Ryan, head coach of the NY Jets, (although I easily could be). I’m actually talking about shit. Poop. ELIMINATION, people. What was once on the TMI menu is regular verbal fare in Health Coaching. People are dying to talk about their poo. Problems and triumphs alike. You are not alone! People are constipated, gassy, uncomfortable, bloated and saddled with random explosive events at work. These problems are both common and taboo, so a health coach provides not only a platform for people to finally come out of the closet with their digestive distress, it is actually imperative information that leads to a more peaceful, vibrant and frankly, sexier, life. Having to suppress a fart all through a first dinner date? Don’t pretend it hasn’t happened to you. I get it. Not Sexy.

This is not your Shit Talking Muse

Now put that same health coach on a cleanse and everyone wants the low down on the poop. It’s TRUE!!! People ask about one or two questions about my energy, a handful want to know about weight loss, and then quietly, the shit questions will roll in. Here is a sampling of real life inquiries.

Really?!?!? TWICE a day?!?!
Did you, like, lose ten pounds of old poop?
Is it the Chia?

Once I begin to tell the shit story, theirs follow immediately. And almost always, people have tried pills, they’ve tried colon blasts, colonics, enemas, and upped their coffee intake. They’ve suffered in silence, for the most part, with only one person telling me they sought medical help in the form of acupuncture. People have lived with their distress for years in silence amassing a list of escape hatches from parties, quietly mapping out public bathroom situations  and perhaps most importantly, really garnering enormous self esteem pressures in the process.

Listen. Your guts need care. Why is it we wholeheartedly expect that when we take a valium, something will happen in our bodies as a result of it within twenty minutes? But when we ingest food, we somehow believe there is no link between that ingestion, and how we feel. Your food is the fuel for your life, your big feelings and your body. Your body dutifully totes around your intellect and your emotional landscape day after day. It matters every time you make choices about your food.

Here’s some keepers I got from the cleanse, a nice personal Top Ten list. Remember, these are things that work for me. Your journey will be your own:

10. Green juice in the morning. Here are some recipes. But use whatever you have. Add some carrots. What the hell.

Green Machine in the morning. Yes.

9. Don’t eat late. Figure out what time you’ll be having breakfast. Leave at least 8 hours between the last time you eat at night and the first time you eat in the morning. Because we keep such insane schedules in this country, this may be more challenging than you imagine. This cleanse has me giving my body a 12 hour break to simply digest and move everything through my own personal factory. It’s made an enormous difference.

8. Fermented things. Sauerkraut. Live Pickles. Yogurt. Kefir. Kim Chee. Coconut kefir. Sandor Katz is this incredible radical gay angel who wrote the book Wild Fermentation. It’s a great book. You can make things or buy them. Local is great. Living cultures are imperative.

Sandor Katz. Queen of the Crock.

7. There is no such thing as too many leafy greens. Try and overdose on them. I dare you.

6. Chia. Miracle seed. So. Much. Fiber. Plus tons of the Omegas you are always hearing about.

5. Get your body moving. I know it’s so boring to hear it. Start slow. Ten minute walks. 25 jumping jacks. 10 crunches. Just start. Today. I spent most of my adult life on the couch, too. But since becoming a person who moves their body, I sleep better, I am more open to my life, I’m HAPPIER, and, well, I poop better.

4. Cook. It is not a heroic act. I swear. It is a creative, political, time SAVING, delicious, healthy, and social experience. Again. Start slow.

3. If you don’t cook, read labels. If you can’t pronounce some crazy shit in the ingredients, they are not good enough for you. You deserve real food.

2. Get out in the world. Once a week, do something totally new. Anything. Read a book in the park. Don’t eat lunch in front of your desk. Look at natural light. See another human in daylight. Go enjoy the world. And if you can’t enjoy it yet, that’s fine. Just go try and get to know it again. It’s a beautiful little burg.

1. Here’s the most obvious and annoying one you hear all the time. But it’s true. DRINK MORE WATER. Do you think you’re starving? Odds are, you’re thirsty, lonely, scared, or bored.  Have some water. If you still want to eat after a glass of water, go ahead. Have some kale.

Water is your friend.

Seinberg Holistic Health Coaching: Talking Shit since 2011.

Indian Spiced Delicata Squash

photo 3

It’s Day 4 of the cleanse and I’m just now starting to get that feeling I’ve heard people talk about. After the first day, I worked at the store for 9 hours and came home and took a nap, which I NEVER DO. The nap was like someone cracked me upside the head with a 2×4. (What’d ya hit me with a tuba for?) Got up for two hours and went back to bed and slept all night. Felt pretty good yesterday, and now today, I’m starting to feel kind of ecstatic. I’m suspect of it, the kind of ecstatic that too much coffee and a flighty feeling. But no speed.

But here’s the new part… it’s actually taking root in my body as well. Running was the only thing I ever knew of to give me a direct body altering freedom, but with this, I can actually feel things shifting that have been stuck for a long time. I am beginning to feel new and shiny. The cleanse even has you brush off your skin,the biggest detoxing organ on your bod, after showers and baths so that’s been a big deal as well.

Course with me, there’s always the food. I’m getting incredibly good with a blender and a roasting pan. Check out today’s inspired delight:

Indian Spice Delicata Squash

1 Delicata Squash

2 shallots, thinly sliced

4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced

2T extra virg, girl.

2T tamari

1/2t garam masala (you can buy this mix together or make it yourself from cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, and black peppercorns ground up together)

a dusting of celery salt (Make your own here. Directions are under there photos)

Sunflower sprouts

Preheat your oven to 375

Cut up your squash in half longways and spoon out the seeds. Cut the halves into moons and then quarter and throw them in a mixing bowl. Now toss in your thinly sliced garlic and shallots. It a small bowl mix together the olive oil, tamari, and garam masala. Pour the sauce over the vegetables and toss until coated. Spread out on a covered cookie sheet. Dust with celery salt.

Cook for 25-30 minutes.

Take the vegetables out and serve them over whatever whole grain strikes your fancy that day. Red quinoa would be great. Toasted buckwheat. Farro cooked in broth risotto-style would be fantastic. Garnish with sprouts, but enough to make a difference.

I had mine with a side of sea vegetable kraut by OlyKraut, one of the best sauerkrauts I’ve ever had. I’m trying to convince one of them to make a seasonal flavor for me. I could tell you about it, but then I’d have to kill you. So instead, I’m going to sit quietly and enjoy this lunch. I hope soon, you do too.

Roasted Purple Cauliflower with Artichoke Hearts on Seasoned Brown Rice

photo 2

It’s day three of my cleanse so I only have one chewing meal a day. This means that lunch is possibly the greatest thing ever. I am stunned at how heightened my taste has become in such a short period of time. I thought I would be so ravenous that I’d wolf down the food, terrorized by the idea of waiting to eat again.

Miraculously, the cleanse has me eating slowly and mindfully, enjoying the sheer delight of each bite; of chewing itself. I love the way I spend the time thinking about the food: Who grew it? Where do they live? Do they also have a deep abiding love for Muhammad Ali, who turned 70 yesterday? I think about how the flavors catapult off the fork into me, and I’m shocked by how strong everything is. I’ve weeded out gluten (wheat, barley, spelt, kamut, rye, and couscous), oats, most sugars including maple syrup and honey leaving fruits to act as my sole dessert model. Also gone: corn, creamed vegetables, tomatoes, any and all things soy, citrus (and at the glorious height of the season!), strawberries, bananas, all dairy, eggs, meat (you can eat some but I am opting not to), peanuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, processed oils, store bought dressings, mayo, coffee, alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate.

Five years ago I would have found this idea not only verging on ascetic, but also kind of dumb. Two years ago I would have moved to thinking that it seemed healthy to clean out the body, but this way was way too crazy for me. Today, it’s challenging, but I’m super into it. I can’t believe the amount of delicious stuff still available, how creative the limitations nudge me to be, and by day three, how I can already see so many changes.

This is how lunch went today (after my breakfast smoothie of frozen peaches and pineapple, Amazing Meal protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk, coconut water, and a dash of cinnamon.) Plus, it’s pretty.


Roasted Purple Cauliflower with Artichoke Hearts on Seasoned Brown Rice

1 head cauliflower separated into little tree trunks

1/2 marinated artichoke hearts

2T extra virgin olive oil

1/4c arame and hijiki mixed

1t sesame seeds

seasoned brown rice ready to go 3/4 for a bowl. (seasoned brown rice in my house is brown rice cooked in vegetable broth and then tossed with 1T of rice vinegar. I make a bunch at a time and eat it throughout the week.)

First separate your cauliflower into little florets that look like tiny purple bonsai trees. Then toss your forest in a bowl with olive oil and salt and pepper. Spread out on a baking sheet and cook for 25 minutes on 350 or until gold brown on edges.

Meanwhile, in a skillet sautee your seaweed and sesame seeds on low in sesame or walnut oil for about 8-10 minutes.

Get your bowl ready with your warmed up rice and then lay your purple cauliflower in. On top of that go your artichoke hearts and then top with your seaweed sautee. Eat slow. Chew. It’s so good.

Reason #1 that cleanses do not have to suck.