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Autumn Bestie: Delicata Squash Skillet Cornbread

I didn’t mean to take such a break from writing, but it came to find me, I suppose. Sometimes life is like that. Nanny Bert once told me, “If you wanna her God laugh, Sara, tell him your plans.” And so, that’s how it went. Gus died and I got quiet. Other things happened too:

Me and Ginger built a shed with our friend John.

I got good with a nail gun and looked like this most days.

The trees are putting on a big show where I run along the Green River.

AND, of course, I’ve been in the kitchen. Ginger’s garden was a hug success this season and I have plenty to work with. I am especially delighted by the hill of stowed delicata squash we have waiting for service. So when I saw this¬†beautiful recipe for a pumpkin cornbread, I knew it was my shot to get in the game. I did a little dip and roll with the ingredients and between both our versions, I bet you can too. It’s so earthy and gorgeous for the season. I hope you enjoy. NOTE!!! Roast your squash before you make this. (pop the whole thing in the oven on 375 for 45 minutes.

Delicata Squash Skillet Cornbread
1c yellow cornmeal
1c oat flour
2t baking powder
1/4t alder smoked sea salt
1t Vietnamese cinnamon
1/4t nutmeg
1/2t pressed ginger juice
1/8 t ground cloves
1c plain whole milk yogurt
1 roasted delicata squash, seeded
1/3c pure maple syrup
1 egg
1 tablespoon melted coconut oil
1T vanilla extract
1 ground vanilla bean
1T butter


First You wanna get that 10″ skillet hot. Put it in the oven at 400 degrees while you do your thing. Mix together all your dry ingredients in one bowl, and whisk the wet ones in another. Then combine both bowls into a little cloud of heaven. Pull your hot skillet out, drop your butter into it and swirl it around so the sides and bottom are covered. Plop the batter into the skillet and bake for about 25 minutes or until your oven slightly browns the top. Wait for 10-15 minutes (THIS IS THE HARDEST PART OF THE RECIPE), slice it and serve warm. Preferably with someone you love. This could be yourself.

New Smoothie!

photo (23)

Where the hell did I drop off to?!?! I’ll tell you what, sometimes life just treats you like a baby treats a diaper. That’s the thing, right? When things get scary and crazed, you really see what you’re made of. Turns out I can do ok and I can dust off my jeans with the best of em. Thanks for askin’ about me. And It was so sweet and inspiring to get all your letters about how you missed my posts! Y’all are real nice.

In the meantime, I designed The Spring Fling Cleanse and it is in full swing! All of the people are doing it one day at a time replete with detox headaches, trouble sleeping, and irritability at work! YAY, Cleansing! Week 1 is exactly as it should be. Our bodies must first bring the toxins out, exposing us to all manner of acute discomfort, and then Week 2 will set in with its vitality, focus, and total reset point of clarity and joy. And I’m not just saying “Joy” because I am a woodsy Goddessy Lez, although as soon as I can get to the woods, I am certainly not opposed to such an undertaking. I have the Lez part pretty worked out. I am saying joy because it is a word that truly captures the state that comes on. Happiness is more of an arch to me, a place to be, while Joy is a thing that feels singular, a momentary crux, an event. The cleansing process, for myself, resets my daily “me” to a more joyful default. Hold on, Week 2! We’re totally on our way.

Sans coffee, wheat, barley, spelt, soy, eggs, cream, milk, cheese, butter, refined sugar, peanuts, meat, fish, caffeine of all nature, artificial sweeteners, potatoes, eggplant, mayo, corn, peppers, yams, tomatoes, rye, yogurt, ice cream and BACON, people often think a cleanse is an undertaking of a kind of self-imposed prison, a culinary torture chamber of scarcity and denial. But here’s the thing: there’s still about 3,747,388,319,356 things to eat. The panic feels so much bigger than the REALITY of how endless the food supply is in the western world and how our creativity and adventurous spirit are just waiting to be engaged in our Primal Needscape. (I totally just made up that term. TM, girl.) When we utilize our creative impulse to feed ourselves, make shelter, court love and create ritual, those things are imbued with more meaning, fattening up our experiences with not just fuel for ourselves or a roof over our heads, but NOURISHMENT that is about a life story. #realtalk.

This morning I went out into the yard and picked some herbs and got freaky with the blender. Here’s the green drink in honor of Passover. May you all have peace and freedom, as until all people are free, we all remain ensnared.

2T chia seeds, ground and soaked
8 fresh mint leaves
8 fresh bergamot leaves
1c coconut water
1/2c homemade flax milk
10 chunks frozen pineapple
1T hemp hearts
1 scoop protein powder

Put it all in a blender and spin it round and round. Enjoy.



Sunrise Gluten-Free Granola

photo 3

All of this delicious homemade almond milk¬†has left a ton of almond meal opportunities around my kitchen these days. There have been banana breads, Black Caraway Bread, Pear Cake, and a magically full mason jar of homemade granola. Ginger loves it, so I end up making this version or a variation a coupla times a week along with the milk. It’s really easy. You can vary the ingredients to your liking, of course. In fact, more often than not, recipes are a guide to help you find the dish you want to make and a place to start that’s kind of close.

It’s funny. Like almond milk, granola is a thing I saw in the store all the time, so expensive, and often with evaporated cane juice (AKA sugar) as the first or second ingredient. I would spend hours pouring over the various flavors and when I’d finally find one that looked great, it’d be like 10 bucks for a little bag. In the end, I’d just forego the whole thing, resigning myself to spend my extra ducats someplace else, like fish oil supplements or really nice olive oil. Yet with all of this time spent, somehow I never saw myself as a person who could just MAKE it, be totally in control of the quality of the ingredients, and accomplish this for like 70% less money. It was like the granola only came from Fairy Land, crafted by a skilled tribe of gnomes gifted by the hippie Goddess while their unicorn neighbors in the next village made that tahini dressing that’s so good.

Well, call me a gnome. My version is not too sweet, gluten free, and sugar-free. Total Gnome Throw Down.

1c almond meal
1/2c rolled oats
1T apple butter
1T maple syrup
1T cocoa nibs
1T goji berries
1T green raisins
1T crushed walnuts
1T apple juice sweetened dried cranberries

Preheat your over to 225. Not so hot.

Take the almond meal from your almond milk, or from the store, and plop it in a bowl. Add your maple syrup, apple butter, and rolled oats. Stir it all up until the oats begin to absorb the liquid. If you want more clumps, you can add in honey, molasses, or more maple syrup. Once everything is all together, add in the dry ingredients and stir.

Spread out the mixture onto a baking sheet covered in foil, and set it inside your heated oven. Set your timer for 15 minutes. Pull out your concoction and stir it around, then flatten. It will still feel damp. Do this three more times so your granola cooks for a total of one hours. It should come out golden, warm, and dry with small clumps ready to go.

You can sprinkle it into yogurt, put a tin of it in your bag for a healthy snack during the day, get adventurous with probiotic-rich goat milk kefir, or just set it swimming in your almond milk.