Creativity Coaching

You have a million phenomenal ideas and the list keeps growing. But somehow putting them into production never happens. Or maybe you’ve created at a major pace in the past, but then you had kids, or someone got sick, and then life got away from you, and took your creative practice with it. Or you’ve always yearned to put your creative passions to work but it’s never been the right time. There’s been planes to catch and bills to pay…Or perhaps your last project was an enormous success and now you’ve got nuthin’ and the pressure for the Next Big Thing is panting all over you, a drooling dog wanting it’s dinner. Anyhow, for whatever reason, YOU’RE STUCK.

I hear you. Creative blocks are terrifying and irritating. They can last years. But they can end TODAY. I’ve helped successful painters, writers, knitters, sculptors, musicians, and chefs move through all manner of quicksand and I’d be honored to help you, too.

Creative Coaching is for everyone because everyone is creative. Whether you want to draw, sing, compose, build, cook, design, drum or anything else, we will start together right where you are. It’s time to stop waiting, you know? Invest in your creative world, in yourself, because frankly, it matters. Your space to be creative in your own life matters. When we tap into the creative process, everything benefits. Our friendships deepen, our honesty ripens, and our access to joy blows wide open. Oh sure, there’s the painful parts, too, but that’s Life, Man. The important part is to experience ALL OF IT and not get mired in the morass of Stuckness. So let’s do it.

With this immersive choice, I’ve created a month long intensive for one-on-one coaching that includes
- 4 hour-long video or phone calls with me
- email coaching and support 6 days a week (because you need a day off, too)
- customized creative coaching exercises JUST FOR YOU including homework and prompts geared toward your strengths and your own sense of inspiration.
- Project follow-up support following the series

In the past, these are some of the creative projects I’ve helped people START and also FINISH:
* A whole dang NOVEL
* A new painting series
* A quilting practice dreamed of since childhood
* A photography blog
* Submitting freelance articles for national publication
* Submitting work to and obtaining a new literary agent
* A knitting series for submission to a contest
* A mixed media installation for a gallery show
* A poetry collection

You can start a whole new practice or work on a specific project. Email me at if you have any questions or you’d like to have a conversation about whether this intensive might be a good fit for you. This is a demanding and intimate immersion series and open to only 4 clients at a time. Inquiries are taken on a rolling basis.

The four-week immersion series costs $995.

I mean, come on.
It’s TIME.
Walk right into the world.

Regular Creative coaching is available through monthly investment as well.

Twice a month sessions are $265
Four sessions per month are $495

 ” This was a game changer. Sara is an exceptional coach who seamlessly support’s vulnerability while nurturing skills to encourage you to dream big. Genuine, direct and damn funny, working with Sara is the best investment in my future I have ever made.” -GF

“Coach Sara brought me out of a deep, dark cave where my demons had wrestled me down and weren’t letting me work on my creative projects. She rescued me from self-loathing and doubt, mostly by being gentle, supportive and encouraging—all the things I had lost the ability to be for myself. She continues to help me find the joy in what can often be a painful process and I know for a fact I would not be tackling my writing goals without her.” -LCS




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