Seasonal Restorations

Each season I lead a group in The Lucky Devil whole foods, Whole Life Restoration series. The 21-Day experience is gentle, moving and a mighty opportunity to begin each season in a space of vibrant health, clarity and groundedness. Instead of setting goals and using them to beat ourselves up with later when they slip away into our busy days, we begin with intention, the support of a coach, and a group of warm people all working together toward a balanced and sustainable path of living fruitfully. These restorations are powerful times for us to open our hearts and look inward, face the things we’ve been too busy or terrified to look at, and use our findings as guides toward exactly the life we’ve been craving.

Homemade Almond Milk

You can join me on each three week journey to health, abundance, clarity, and confidence. Restorations are about refocusing our bodies to respond to true desires, gathering our resources, and detoxifying from our busy lives of mayhem. We will take some time for ourselves and locate our true hungers on the plate, and in our lives. We’ll return our pace to a rhythm of strength, peace, and health.

Each restoration program draws from a variety of traditions: Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic, Vegan, and several other gems. Through experience and research, I’ve culled gentle seasonal programs to support detoxing and rebooting without starving and suffering. My seasonal adventures are not about what you can’t have, but what you GET TO have. They also clear the deck for more energy, less bloat, a sharpened focus, and a more honest and accurate conversation with our bodies. We’ll also make some conscious plans for our journies to come as we wrap up this fantastic journey and plan to reintegrate what we’ve learned into our normal pace.

Together we will meet on the web and be in touch as a group. The sharing of experiences, recipes, ideas, struggles, and common crossroads will add to the whole experience of prioritizing your health. You do not have to purchase fancy equipment or hundreds of dollars worth of supplements. A blender will be needed. I got mine at an estate sale for like 12 bucks. The program incorporates a holistic approach to cleansing that is not just about whole food, but also about rest, time, sweat, creativity, joy, and quiet.

If you are currently under the care of a physician, please talk to your doctor about doing any detoxing first, even a gentle one. Each Restoration also includes a 30 minute coaching call which you can schedule at any time from a week before the Restoration to help you prep through the week after to get support in transitioning back to a more daily existence. The program dates will be announced here and on my Facebook page and cost $180 for the whole shebang.



For people who are looking for more focused coaching attention, detoxing foods and activities tailored to your needs, and an intimate setting, this option may be a better choice for you. Using the same principles of restoring as the group experiences I build, I consult with each private client to distill a specific regimen of recipes, exercises and attention to their needs.

Each Custom Restoration includes WEEKLY 50 minutes coaching calls with me, recipe and kitchen support, and a daily texting program. These journeys can be done one on one or in small groups. Prices are furnished upon request.

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