I’m all yours for an hour and a half.

Consulting is for a lot of different people: some who like to dip in a toe first, who are not quite ready to hop out of the plane into coaching. It’s for people who feel stuck and are looking for a fantastic and creative jolt. People who want an energized perspective coming from a place of abundance and not of fear or scarcity. This is not a health coaching session. This is for people who want a new look from an insightful and trustworthy outside vantage point. I will dish out advice if you like, offer resources, relate experience, and help you formulate a plan or your next big step. I cut to the chase, help weed out confusion, and enjoy the ride.

Individual consulting is another way people work with me to shake things up. I am a woman full of creative ideas, a trained facilitator of a streamlined experience, and a die hard fan of efficiency. For 90 minutes we will come together and formulate. Sometimes people arrive with a swirling tangle of great ideas and need someone to hash them out with, organize a solid strategy. I love a good plan and am happy to help you get one. Consulting is an action packed, one-off kind of a deal. You set the goals, then we get down to business to set up a plan. We can talk about anything you like:

- Coaching reboots (checking back in after a coaching period to refocus and gather resources.)
- Meal planning
- Cooking support
- Fitness blocks
- Grocery shopping guidance (This can happen at the store of your choice with up to three shoppers.)*
- Stalled creative projects
- Career conundrums
- Time management
- Brainstorming
- Plateaus

This is not an ongoing coaching relationship. It’s 90 minutes and BAM! You’re out into the world, armed with a new tenacious perspective on your goals and focused direction. We can talk on our computing machines, the telephone, or at a nice cafe you love.

These sessions cost $250.
* The shopping/tour cost varies depending on store and number of attendees.

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