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Sara has this gift of bringing serenity to my real life situations. Every session we have had together has left me feeling more positive and fired up to make the changes that I WANT to make. She has this incredible gift: to effortlessly shine a light on a different way of me seeing any given situation. Sara has helped me with every aspect of my life, from health to career to relationships… always supportive and creative, our sessions feel like a true partnership.

-Andrea S.

Coach Seinberg sees me for the best person I am, and helps me excavate this person out of myself, in a sustainable and caring way.


The winter focus whole-foods cleanse was an excellent experience. It was a great way to expand my eating experience, to learn more about how I function emotionally, and to discover new ways of taking care of myself. I saw my energy and mood improve without the crutches of caffeine and sugar, and I became a better cook by following Sara’s well-crafted recipes. I highly recommend trying a cleanse, and working with Coach Seinberg!


In a short period of time, Coach Seinberg has transformed my life. I’ve experienced a dramatic reduction in a deep and long-held anxiety around food and eating. Without this time- and energy-consuming obsession, my mind is free to focus on other things. For one, the actual pleasure in eating. For another, a huge forward-motion in my career and work habits. This latter piece also benefits from the increased mindfulness Sara’s coaching has brought to all aspects of my life. As if by magic, the spell of caffeine has been broken and my beauty sleep has become just that. All of this, and my apartment is filled with the comforting smell of warm, perfectly-spiced winter squash, to boot.

    -Michael D.

Sara is the perfect blend of compassion, wisdom, and straight-talk. I interviewed her for an article on holistic health and gender transition and the breadth of her knowledge–combined with her penchant for humor and an infectious can-do spirit–surely inspired a lot of guys we reached to take better care of their bodies. I’ve learned so much from her generous sharing of resources online, and her willingness to go the extra mile with whatever question you put to her. Sara really is the perfect “coach”– supportive and kind, she’ll have your best self in mind from the get-go, maybe even before you do.

-Thomas McBee
Editor, Ironing Board Collective
Arts Copy Editor, Boston Phoenix

Sara cares how you feel, body, mind and soul. She is enthusiastic about helping you recognize the things that are going well and making collaborative plans to help you move more strongly in that direction. She is passionate about food and how to make step-by-step choices to get the most from what you eat. And she is also a real person, walking on the dirty earth with everyone else and knows it’s all damn hard.

In short, she rules. And she’ll make you feel like you rule, too.

-Vivian V.

A year ago I felt fragile and fragmented. I had taken a big risk and moved to New York at 43, and a year later I was still struggling. Enter Coach Seinberg. Each week we met by phone, (now we meet by skype) and chatted about how I wanted to change and expand. We set little goals for each week in a variety of areas- painting career, teaching career, fitness, and fun and then the next week we’d talk over how it went. Through Sara’s kind but objective weekly council, I was able to develop little habits that cumulatively effected gradual but significant change. My confidence has grown as my professional goals have been addressed and I feel my eclectic interests are feeding each other instead of pulling me in different directions. I’ve been able to keep a diary, maintain a weekly exercise regimen, and manage my time more efficiently. I always look forward to Coach Seinberg’s humor and warmth and I rely on her guidance.

-Hannah Barrett
Professor, Pratt Institute
School of the Museum of Fine Arts , Boston

Coach Seinberg has swiftly become a driving force in my professional and personal development. She is my constant cheerleader as I apply to graduate school after six years of feeling stuck. Her encouragement, poignant questions, and thoughtful “push” forward are the perfect recipe. Sara sets short term and long term goals with me every time we meet, and holds me accountable in the most supportive fashion. I feel grateful for my coaching work daily and reflect upon this relationship with an immeasurable depth of appreciation.


Two Weeks Smoke-Free! Seinberg Holistic Health Coaching has been INVALUABLE in this journey. If you have a health goal you need help achieving, I strongly suggest getting this lady in your corner. Very strongly.


Celebrate Good Times… COME ON!!!

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