Moving out of the Sugar Shack: My first Workshop!

Does sugar turn you into a maniacal beast?
Do your moods swing extravagantly after your pop tart breakfast?
Can you just NOT STOP when it comes to sugar?
Do you have erratic energy levels?
Sleep issues?
Do you find yourself irritable and unreasonable?
Has your health care provider recommended you put it down but you just don’t know how?

Just in time for a new start to a new year, this workshop will help lay a foundation for getting sugar out of your life for good!

We will talk about deconstructing cravings, building a support system for success, creating sustainable alternatives for yourself, and putting new rewards system into effect for your life.

This workshop is not about losing something you CAN’T have, but rather changing your perspective to see the abundance of what you GET when you make the choice to kick this crap to the curb.

Plus I’m going to bring you delicious snacks.

Registration is limited.
High demand will yield another edition!


San Francisco Community Acupuncture

220 Valencia Street

6:30 PM – 8 PM

Email to register.

Pear Cake: No sugar, yo.

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