Latke Compendium Part 2: The Fixins

Of course you can buy applesauce, sour cream and all manner of foodie upgrades to these, but fuck it.

Let’s make stuff.

It’s super easy, it inspires your pals to make their stuff too, it gives money to small farmers instead of lining the pockets of corporations, and it tastes better. Plus you don’t have to read any labels. You know just what’s in all of this. Really. After all, this is a celebration of miracles. Let us honor that with some time spent, some intention and love into our food, and a gathering of friends to go to town.

APPLESAUCE: A note on apples: Some people like to mix it up. Some people like a sweeter apple like a fuji, a Gravenstein or a honey crisp. I find that for applesauce what’s most important to me is that the apples are crisp and sturdy. This means they have a lot of juice in them, and even though I make my sauce with cider or apple juice, I still want the most robust taste. I like mine a little tart, but I take care of that with some lemon. In the photographs I made my sauce with pink pearl apples because at the time I just wanted applesauce that looked like an extra dish at a tea party for Rainbow Brite. Pink, yo. 

This recipe is enough for the whole latke party, plus left overs for breakfast yogurt or over your pecan pie or just as dessert.

8 medium apples, peeled and cored
1 quart apple cider
Juice of one lemon
1t cinnamon

Place all your apple slices in a pot and cover with apple cider. Add cinnamon and lemon juice and bring to a boil. Turn down the flame to a simmer and cook the apples down until they soften, about 30 minutes. Use a large whisk until the apples simply fall apart from the heat and become the best applesauce you’ve ever tasted. So easy. So good.

For variations: you can also throw pears in for sweetness or just something different. The zest of a satsuma is a pleasure in this applesauce. You can also add cloves. One time just to haul off and get fancy, I cooked a few sprigs of rosemary in some coconut oil at the beginning, then after about ten minutes, I fished out the twigs and made the sauce in the infused coconut oil. Delicious, but not the most traditional thing going.

Stay tuned because tomorrow we make all the creams. YES.


  1. bulaklak says:

    Everybody Dansk now.

  2. Caitlin Hotaling says:

    Super simpler, for the lazy among us, apples, crock pot, time, stir. 1 ingredient, period.

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