New Smoothie!

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Where the hell did I drop off to?!?! I’ll tell you what, sometimes life just treats you like a baby treats a diaper. That’s the thing, right? When things get scary and crazed, you really see what you’re made of. Turns out I can do ok and I can dust off my jeans with the best of em. Thanks for askin’ about me. And It was so sweet and inspiring to get all your letters about how you missed my posts! Y’all are real nice.

In the meantime, I designed The Spring Fling Cleanse and it is in full swing! All of the people are doing it one day at a time replete with detox headaches, trouble sleeping, and irritability at work! YAY, Cleansing! Week 1 is exactly as it should be. Our bodies must first bring the toxins out, exposing us to all manner of acute discomfort, and then Week 2 will set in with its vitality, focus, and total reset point of clarity and joy. And I’m not just saying “Joy” because I am a woodsy Goddessy Lez, although as soon as I can get to the woods, I am certainly not opposed to such an undertaking. I have the Lez part pretty worked out. I am saying joy because it is a word that truly captures the state that comes on. Happiness is more of an arch to me, a place to be, while Joy is a thing that feels singular, a momentary crux, an event. The cleansing process, for myself, resets my daily “me” to a more joyful default. Hold on, Week 2! We’re totally on our way.

Sans coffee, wheat, barley, spelt, soy, eggs, cream, milk, cheese, butter, refined sugar, peanuts, meat, fish, caffeine of all nature, artificial sweeteners, potatoes, eggplant, mayo, corn, peppers, yams, tomatoes, rye, yogurt, ice cream and BACON, people often think a cleanse is an undertaking of a kind of self-imposed prison, a culinary torture chamber of scarcity and denial. But here’s the thing: there’s still about 3,747,388,319,356 things to eat. The panic feels so much bigger than the REALITY of how endless the food supply is in the western world and how our creativity and adventurous spirit are just waiting to be engaged in our Primal Needscape. (I totally just made up that term. TM, girl.) When we utilize our creative impulse to feed ourselves, make shelter, court love and create ritual, those things are imbued with more meaning, fattening up our experiences with not just fuel for ourselves or a roof over our heads, but NOURISHMENT that is about a life story. #realtalk.

This morning I went out into the yard and picked some herbs and got freaky with the blender. Here’s the green drink in honor of Passover. May you all have peace and freedom, as until all people are free, we all remain ensnared.

2T chia seeds, ground and soaked
8 fresh mint leaves
8 fresh bergamot leaves
1c coconut water
1/2c homemade flax milk
10 chunks frozen pineapple
1T hemp hearts
1 scoop protein powder

Put it all in a blender and spin it round and round. Enjoy.



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