Calling in the Cavalry: Holistic Stress Reduction for Everyone

Does your head feel like it’s levitating off your neck some days?
Are your dreams being invaded by stress and anxiety?
Appetite doing insane dips and rolls?
Trouble sleeping?
Are you getting every winter bug that goes around the neighborhood?
Bickering with your partner over every tiny thing?

Pretty horses for you to ride in on.

Great news: You don’t have to live like this. You can live your life and still sleep, eat, and relate in healthy ways.

In this workshop we’ll talk about the situations that set us off, look at what triggers are really made of, and add in some easy tools for immediate relief. We’ll learn to identify these triggers and neutralize them. From the general to the specific, this workshop is designed as a STARTING point to help your true self back into your moment to moment life rather than chasing a carrot down an impossible list of Things To Do.

In addition to these short term methods of reducing stress, we’ll also look at long term choices we can make to arrive in life the way it really is, even in its difficulties, and show up to live it.

This workshop is a simple By Donation workshop, as stress is one of the most widespread ailments attacking the health of people today. Just give what you can at the door. However, you MUST REGISTER in advance, as the space is cozy and therefor limited.

Register by writing to

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